Harry Evans Lecture: Justified Immunity or Unfinished Business? The Appropriateness of Parliamentary and Executive Immunities in the 21st Century

Friday, 1 December 2017 12.15pm – 1.15pm Theatre, Parliament House, Canberra In this lecture Bret Walker will address two related issues that Harry Evans himself consistently regarded as vital to the healthy operation of the Houses, and especially the Senate. The first involves the informing principles and correct focus of that aspect of parliamentary privilege articulated in […]

Advice to members of the ASPG (ACT Chapter)—New Chair

The Executive of the ACT Chapter ASPG wishes to advise its members that following his appointment as the Clerk Assistant, Committee Office, within the Department of the Senate, Tim Bryant has resigned his position of as Chair of the Executive. The Executive thanks Tim for his work on behalf of the chapter and wishes him […]

Regulating Westminster Parliaments: The sharp end – Seminar

The ANU’s Centre for International and Public Law monthly seminar will be given by Andrew McDonald and will consider the story of the UK’s Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority and reflect on its new Australian namesake. What lessons does the former have for the latter? And what hopes should we have for the new kid on […]

14th edition of Odgers

The 14th edition of Odgers’ Australian Senate Practice is now available. Printed copies can be ordered directly from the Australian Parliament’s website and a free PDF version is also available. 

Australian Senate occasional lecture: Small Parties, big changes.

  Dr Zareh Ghazarian, lecturer in politics and international relations at Monash University, is giving a Senate occasional lecture this Friday on the subject on minor parties. Minor parties have become major players in Australian politics. Hundreds of minor parties have contested elections throughout Australian political history, but only a handful have won parliamentary representation. […]